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Discipleship and One-on-One Mentorship

Becoming a Disciple of Christ

When most of us consider healing, rarely does the concept of discipleship come to mind. But true healing is about discipleship.

When someone who has endured abuse is finally able to release the pain and mistrust kept locked away in their heart, in that moment they not only experience relief from their inner turmoil, but also become more gracious, patient and forgiving individuals. When someone with a sexual addiction is able to break free, they are not merely released from the control of their habits; they are made capable of honoring members of the opposite sex and entering into wholesome, loving relationships. Thus, healing is not merely the fixing of something that is broken; it is about becoming everything you were meant to be. Put simply, healing is about becoming more like Christ. This is how the two are gloriously interwoven, and this is why discipleship is core to the ministry of New Hearts Outreach.


There is no substitute for the unique place of one-on-one mentorship in our lives. Some read books, others listen to sermons, and still others are content with the fellowship of their peers. While all of these things are beneficial, they cannot replace the deeply personal, accountable, and tailored dynamic of being mentored by a seasoned veteran in the faith.

Our staff meets regularly with clients in order to discuss their challenges and direct their spiritual growth. Although not required, we encourage those involved with our ministry to take advantage of this opportunity in addition to support group attendance.

Highlights of One-On-One Sessions

  • We offer weekly, individualized, in-depth, Spirit-led sessions with a mentor.
  • Structured discipleship materials are available at negligible cost.
  • Sessions are confidential and offered at no charge.
  • Donations are accepted and are tax-deductible.
  • Appointments may be held via Skype for long-distance clients.

Remote and International Mentorship Available

One of our current international mentees had this to say:

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