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In The Church and Community


  • Ethics Class: Florida Metropolitan University
  • History Class: University of Tampa
  • Graduate Seminar Class: Phoenix University
  • Guest Presenters: Somebody Cares Tampa Bay

Media Interviews

  • Channel 13 Fox Television
  • Channel 22 Christian Television Network
  • Channel 8 NBC
  • Channel 55 Orlando
  • WTBN Radio
  • WKES Moody Radio


  • 3-Hour Training on Gender Identity Confusion at Idlewild Baptist Church
  • 3-Hour Training at the Baptist Student Collegiate Ministries Florida State Conference
  • 3-Hour Training on Gender Identity Confusion at the State Intervarsity
  • Christian Fellowship Conference
  • 3-Hour Training on Sexual Brokenness at MacDill Airforce Base
  • 1-Hour Parents' "Online Predators: What Parents Should Know!" Training at First Christian Tarpon Springs Men's Retreat
  • 8-Week Parent and Loved Ones Training on "The Discipler Approach to Healing"
  • USF Baptist Student Center
    • 1-Hour Parent's Training "Tips for Parents Safe-guarding Your Children Online"
    • 1-Hour Parent's Training "The Challenge of MTV"
  • We have also partnered with regional and remote churches dealing with various topics.


  • Sunday morning "Gospel of Jesus Christ Celebration Services" at Grace Family Church, Seminole Presbyterian Church and a number of other churches In the Tampa Bay Area (offering an emphasis on creative arts worship)
  • Sunday School teachings on a variety of topics, including "Evangelizing the Gay Community"
  • Street ministry: sharing the Gospel with the gay community

Weekly Discipleship Support Groups

  • Embraced by Love: open group
  • Living Waters: 26-week closed-discipleship group
  • Cross Current
  • The River: youth/young adult version of Living Waters for ages 18-25
  • SALT: dealing with heterosexual sex-addiction
  • Embracing Life: HIV discipleship group
  • Beginnings: support for parents and loved ones

Prayer Resources

  • Internal confidential prayer ministry
  • Weekly desperate prayer initiative