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Recurring Events

7pm 1st Thursday of the Month

Family and Friends Support Group via Zoom

7pm 2nd Thursday of the Month

Family and Friends Support Group In-Person

Special Events in 2023

Monday, January 9th @ 9am

Mark speaks at the Network of Christian Counselors event

Monday, January 9th @ 7pm

Mark meets with hosting church of new Fort Myers NHO affiliate

Wednesday, January 18th @ 7pm

Weekly Confidential Men's Group (in-person/Zoom hybrid) begins

Wednesday, February 8th @ 8:30am

Mark speaks at Elfers Christian School for their chapel services

Tuesday, February 14th @ 10am

Mark speaks at the Women on Mission Meeting

Friday, March 3rd & Saturday, March 4th

Mark speaks at the Men’s Retreat at Camp Aurora

Sunday, March 5th @ noon

Mark speaks at the St. Pete Presbyterian Mission Conference

Thursday, April 26th

Mark presents at Peniel Baptist Academy, Palatka, FL

TBD Saturday in July

NHO presents at Centro Cristiano Hispano, Brandon, FL

October 19th-20th (Thursday & Friday)

NHO presents at FACCS Christian Educators’ Convention in Orlando, FL