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Inner Healing Prayer

Prayer is not only the means by which we connect intimately with God; it is a conduit through which his grace overflows into our lives. In prayer we encounter God, who is perfect, and thus we leave the place of prayer being made more like him—that is, more whole than we were before. For that reason, the ministry of New Hearts Outreach is adamant about praying for, and with, everyone who comes through. For those who are comfortable and desire it, this can include one to two-hour sessions devoted exclusively to listening prayer.

What is Listening Prayer?

Throughout scripture, God interacts dynamically with his people and speaks to them in a variety of ways. He spoke to Daniel through visions, King Nebuchadnezzar through dreams, Baalam through a donkey, Moses through a burning bush, and the list goes on. Perhaps more important than the myriad ways in which he speaks is the reality that he does speak. He is not some cold, distant, and detached creator who forgot his handiwork or observes it from afar. No, he is a close, intimate, and involved maker who deeply loves the works of his hands. Thus, the crux of hearing God relies less on whether he is speaking and more on whether we are listening. And this is precisely what listening prayer is all about. It is an intentional effort to quiet our minds and open ourselves up to a number of ways that God wants to interact with us: perhaps a prominent scripture verse, an image, a memory, or something else.

Interested in the Inner Healing Prayer Center?

Location: Online via Zoom

Appointments Times: Tuesdays @ 5:45pm - 7:15pm or 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Cost: Free; donations accepted